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New buys to get your home in order

January is a great time to get organised at home, and even the smallest changes can have a big impact. From storage boxes to handmade baskets, it’s easy to tackle problem areas with these quick, budget-friendly solutions.

Streamline a shared hallway

Does leaving the house tend to turn into a free-for-all? Introduce smoother morning routines with one storage box per person so everyone can find their things in a hurry, plus wall hooks for accessories or little extras. A small mirror is great for one last check before heading out to face the day.

Bag yourself a sustainable kitchen helper

Tired of fruit and vegetables going bad? Hanging them in net bags can keep them fresh for longer by allowing air to circulate around them, as well as helping you cut down on plastic shopping bags. A few chopping boards and plates placed nearby will make it easy to prepare or serve up your fresh produce.

Bring order and calm to the bedroom

Tackling everyday clutter is a great way to turn your bedroom into a more restful space. A wall-mounted bedside cabinet brings double benefits, keeping items you don’t want to see out of sight and the floorspace clear. For a feel-good extra boost to your sleep space, layer cosy bedlinen and throws in natural fibres and soothing shades.

Give your bathroom a boost

Show your bathroom some love and you’ll reap the benefits daily. If your towels are past their best, why not repurpose them and treat yourself to some new ones that look and feel good? Adding a few bathroom accessories and storage items in natural materials can also help create visual harmony and a relaxing home spa feel.

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