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My space, your space, our space

You like your roommates. But you really, really love your super pricey face wash. When you’re sharing a space with others, communicating “please keep your hands off my stuff” can be a touchy subject (especially when some things are meant to be shared). Here’s how our interior designer Jenny get around this issue—in style, of course.

Follow the colour code. Each roomie gets their own locker (with a key) to keep their favourite toiletries private, as well as towels in matching colours. Which means no more mix-ups... And no more denying you’re the one who left the wet towel on the floor!

An affordable locker system is great for keeping all of the items you might share as a household. You know, cleaning products, bulk items, extra rolls of toilet paper. There’s even enough room for everyone to have their own extra locker for items they might use less frequently.

Extend the colour code all the way to the shower by decorating your baskets. Which means no pile of half-empty shampoo bottles. And when the shampoo does run out, a shared back-up stash saves the day (so you don’t have to borrow from your roomies).

Whether you’re living with roommates or your family, these ideas are worth a shot. After all, everyone gets a little bit messy!
Jenny Wik, interior designer

Toilet paper. One day you’ve got more than you know what to do with, and the next you’re in full-on panic mode and desperately searching the apartment for facial tissues. With this clever idea, the toilet paper drought coming from three rolls away. When you hit the yellow part of the rope, you know it’s time to restock.

When everyone has their own hanging dryer and storage box for workout clothes, you never have to remove someone else’s gym socks to make way for your own. And let’s face it, you don’t want to touch those gym socks.

Extra tip
Sharing a bathroom means sharing time. Let your roommates know just how much time with this fun chalkboard idea. Run a string with a larger bead from one end to the other, indicating whether you’re brushing your teeth, taking a shower or, well, you know…

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