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Mix up mealtimes: ideas for dining differently

Tired of the same old mealtime routine? Bring the fun back to dinners at home with these six ideas from people who like to eat a little differently. From Jerzy and Anna, who invite friends over for cook-along meals where everyone gets involved, to Nor’s ‘no-cook’ raw food feast – there’s inspiration for both get-togethers and everyday meals.

Change your mealtime routine with cook-along dinners.

Eat street food at home

Why not have a street food-style dinner, with make-your-own wraps instead of a traditional meal? Everyone can customise their wrap with the ingredients they like, plus the DIY element encourages interaction and gets people talking as they share food around. For a nutritious and quick-to-prepare wrap idea, IKEA veggie balls are a great, filling option.

Try a carpet picnic

For a relaxed way of dining that brings people together, try moving from the table to the floor. In Shakti’s commune, it’s a daily ritual. ‘We meet to share experiences and food,’ she says. ‘The most important thing to keep a community together is eating together.’ Layer rugs, floor cushions and textiles so everyone can get comfortable in their own way, and put dishes in the middle so people can help themselves.  

Don’t just bring a bottle, bring a dish

Ta-Li and Yi-Hsuan love hosting Sunday dinner parties with up to 10 friends around their big dining table. ‘Often, each friend brings a dish for everyone to share – it’s relaxed, sometimes we all just bring different takeaway dishes,’ they say. ‘It’s a fun way for everyone to feel part of the meal and makes it easier for us to host regularly. We spend less money and time cooking and more time enjoying the company.

Eat raw

Want to save time while still eating healthily? Try Nor’s choice of no-cook meals. ‘The bulk of what I eat is unprocessed raw vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds,’ she says. ‘There’s little cooking, which is great for an impatient cook like me! But I’m not strict. If I want to add pre-cooked ingredients, like prawns, I do.’