Meet the HATTEFJÄLL swivel chair

If you work from home or just need somewhere to take care of admin, choose a desk chair that delivers on comfort without sacrificing style.

The pink and white HATTEFJÄLL office chair in a workspace.

With more people working from home and living in small spaces, the ‘home office’ can be found in any room. HATTEFJÄLL is designed to be a swivel chair with a difference, combining ergonomic benefits with head-turning design, so it looks good whether you work in your kitchen, living room, or home office. It is available in brown-pink, grey and beige.

‘We wanted to create a chair that would make people look twice,’ says designer Monika Mulder. During the process she made a clay scale model to get a better feel for shape and paid close attention to the chair’s back – the part that is seen the most. ‘HATTEFJÄLL has a very subtle waist to give lower back support and provide ergonomic comfort.’

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