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Meet the designer of new bright and bold textiles

Designer Kangan Arora is driven by a love of colour, geometry and visual storytelling. See how she’s bringing her passion for pattern to this season’s new textiles.

Inspired by India

‘A place and a culture have a strong bearing on your design narrative,’ says Kangan, who grew up in North India in an area with a rich textile history. ‘My dream is to bring the joy of Indian textiles into every home, so IKEA is a perfect collaboration.’

I like to explore geometry, overlapping, layering and repetition, as well as finding patterns in unexpected everyday places.
Kangan Arora

Playing with pattern

Kangan started her design process by looking at abstract and minimalist artists like Ellsworth Kelly and Carmen Herrera, then played with shape and colour. ‘I’m excited to get the SIGRUNN fabric. I’ll make it into a tablecloth, it will make fun curtains too.’

Design legacy

During the project, Kangan visited the Textile Playground exhibition at the IKEA Museum in Sweden. ‘It was inspiring to see a legacy in printed textiles going back over 50 years. I had the scope to explore and be playful.’

The monochrome SVALLERUP rug is also double-sided, so it has an extended life and can give you two different looks.
Kangan Arora
Textiles are my favourite way to refresh my home. A rug is a great way to transform a space without painting the walls.
Kangan Arora

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