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Maximise space with smart storage

Downsizing or living in a tiny studio? Work your walls! Get inspired by IKEA interior designer Nina Parkeborn’s best tips on how to maximise a home that’s just 16 square metres.

Make the most of your space

“I imagined a young man who works as a manga illustrator living in this studio. I wanted to give him a functional home where every single centimetre is used. To do this, I imagined the flat as a game of Tetris, where every space can be filled. I used an adaptable storage system and created a customised solution to fit this home. Use the lower shelves to store the things you use often and put extra quilts and seasonal stuff higher up.”

Simplify small–space cooking

“This super-smart mini kitchen has everything the guy who lives here needs to prepare simple meals, wash up and store chilled food. I just added a portable induction hob and fridge. I hung a pegboard with assorted hooks and containers and some shelves on the wall next to the kitchen to give him room to store all of his kitchen essentials.”

Use hidden spaces

“Don’t forget to make use of all of the space – a place that often gets forgotten about is under the table. I put two drawer units on wheels there so the guy can store everything from tableware and glasses to napkins, herbs and spices, and plastic storage boxes. When cooking, he can simply pull one or both out for easy access.”

When space is tight, use every inch all the way up to the ceiling.
IKEA interior designer Nina Parkeborn

Build upwards

“When space is tight, use every inch all the way up to the ceiling. A minimalistic loft bed is a smart way for the guy I saw living here to gain a couple of extra metres of floor, and he even has room for a sofa underneath.”

Get ready in a flash

“I imagined that the young man who lives here likes to get ready for work and out of the door as quickly as possible. Maybe he eats breakfast later at the office and just grabs a coffee on his way there. Therefore I wanted to give him a spot close to the door where he can store his keys and wallet, and fix his hair in the mirror instead of having to run back into the bathroom.”

All the photos were taken from the 2019 IKEA Catalogue

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