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Making room for your new plus-one

A comfortable home and sleep setup is always important, but never more so after the arrival of your, well, new arrival. And, because homes don’t grow just because your family does, making your current space work for you and baby (and your budget) is key.

One room for you and baby

The good news: you couldn’t ask for a more adorable roommate. The not-as-good news: a solid night’s sleep might be off the cards for a while. Whether it’s just for the first few months, or a longer-term arrangement, these two bedrooms show that a comfy, shared space with baby is definitely doable.

Having your baby close by is your priority, their safety is ours. This simple cot offers good, safe sleep at one of our lowest prices.

Babies need plenty of love and attention, but not a lot of storage space. For now, a changing table with a shelf below (and a few spots on the hook rail) will do the trick.

This nursing pillow makes feeding time and cuddles even comfier – and safer. The cover is made from pure natural materials, while the filling comprises of recycled PET bottles. Soft, cozy and more sustainable.

Dividing the room with a curtain gives these parents a feeling of personal space, while keeping baby close by.

No need for a special nursing chair when a comfy armchair works just as well. Once baby gets bigger, its neutral upholstery will fit right in with other rooms in the house.

Yay for changing tables that can turn into chests of drawers when little ones graduate from nappies.

A nursery with the next phase in mind

For little ones that grow up so fast, here are two rooms designed to last. Gender-neutral colours, extendable beds and other smart ideas will see little ones through many milestones, and can be easily reused if baby #2 comes along.

The white walls in this nursery are a blank canvas for pops of colour, brought in through bed linen, toys, a rug and a simple string of bunting. They’ll be an easy and affordable update later, when future “big-kid” has their own favourite shade.

Even if the circus tent ceiling doesn’t stay in town forever, white or pine furniture (including an extendable bed) will always look great, no matter what colour ends up on the walls next.

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