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Life in light: Late nights with baby

Babies bring joy and indescribable love into your home from the very first moment they arrive. They also bring many, many nights of climbing in and out of bed in the dark. Make it easier on yourself with lighting that helps you and your baby have more comfortable nights.

1. Light the way. When you’re caring for a little one you’re in and out of bed more than you might like. The last thing you need is stubbed toes. A strip of light under your bed adds a subtle glow that creates a clear walking path and because it’s beneath the bed, it won’t interrupt anyone else’s sleep. For an extra cozy atmosphere, consider a rich, dark wall colour.

2. Dimmable lights are absolute must-haves for any parent. Whether it’s a midnight feeding when baby is half awake (think very low light) or for those precious few moments of alone time that you can devote to reading (go brighter). Add a thick, dark curtain to serve as a room divider to draw late at night so you won’t wake your partner.

3. Why wake up to harsh light? No one likes to be startled by that sudden brightness when they open their eyes, especially babies. A red-hued night light provides you with just enough illumination and creates a calm, soothing mood.

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Interior designer: Fredrik Biel
Photographer: Mats Ekdahl

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