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KUNGSHAMN: a new ‘design it your way’ sofa

A comfortable modular sofa that’s easy on the wallet and flexible enough to be at home in big and small spaces? That’s KUNGSHAMN! Designed by Mikael Axelsson for today’s fluid lifestyles…

Fluid furniture just got fun

Two days at home are rarely the same, so the sections of the new KUNGSHAMN sofa are easy to mix and match to suit your space, mood and needs. Swap the covers and move the sections around to create the perfect sofa – from banquette or sociable ‘L’ to cosy ‘U’. Covers come in pink, beige and a diamond print, and all three work when mixed together. Modules are sturdy, but lightweight, and attach with a simple hook mechanism, so get imaginative and change yours around every day if you like!

Making designs for life simpler

Mikael Axelsson has been at IKEA since 2012. As for most in-house IKEA designers, there are no standard work days – a fluid way of working that mirrors today’s need for furniture to match our flexible lifestyles. ‘One day you can work on a kitchen, another day you can work on a chair; one day it can be Scandinavian modern and the next it can be traditional,’ says Mikael. ‘It’s hard to define the aesthetic of my designs, but in all the products I make, I try to keep it quite simple. I don’t want to add a detail just to add a detail – that doesn’t make sense. It’s nicer when function and aesthetic strengthen each other. I’d rather simplify than add stuff.’

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