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Invite strangers: host a supper club!

When Elisabetta set up her Appartamento9 Supper Club, opening the doors of her Rome apartment to complete strangers, she embraced the challenge of a new kind of hosting. ‘I have to convince people to spend a night at my home instead of at a restaurant,’ she says. ‘First I publicise my events on social media to get interest, and then I do everything I can to make sure guests have a great experience when they arrive.’ She shares her ideas for hosting a dinner party with a difference…

A cosy setting for a dinner party.

Create a relaxed atmosphere

Elisabetta transforms her terrace into a welcoming dining area. ‘If, like me, you love a clean, monochrome look, but still want the dining space to feel soft and romantic, try combining a graphic tablecloth, modern dinnerware, a little greenery and nice lights. It sets a special mood and brings people together,’ she says. Click here to see the rest of Elisabetta’s home.

Give your guests a warm welcome

Good food is essential, but so is creating an inviting atmosphere. Try making individual table settings and, for a special finishing touch, designing your own menu. ‘Being greeted by candlelight, a full glass and a handmade menu at each setting puts guests at their ease,’ says Elisabetta. Click here to try Elisabetta’s menu.

Light the mood

Use lights to turn an everyday space into a place to entertain. The fun twinkle of string lights will put guests in a party mood, while the comforting flicker of candlelight will invite them to lean in and chat. Pick red-toned lights to give your space a relaxed feel, and dimmable bulbs to make it easy to switch the mood.

Welcome to the supper club! Take a peek at one of Elisabetta’s memorable evenings.

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Styling: Emily Henson
Photography: Dan Duchars

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