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Into the wild: URSKOG children’s collection

URSKOG is a colourful collection of sustainably produced textiles that pays tribute to the world’s endangered species.

The new URSKOG collection, for children aged eight to 14, is designed to spark enthusiasm for endangered species in the wild. To help choose which animals to feature on the bedroom textiles, product developer Anna Edlundh took part in a workshop with WWF, where she gained lots of valuable information. ‘Just as we are encouraging children to stand up for animal rights, we are doing the same by choosing sustainable resources,’ says Anna. ‘For example, the polyester filling inside the cushions is made from recycled plastic.’ URSKOG textiles include reversible lion bedding, designed by Sara N Bergman, and a patterned quilt cover by Paulin Machado, covered with leopards and tigers. ‘The tiger is a symbol of a healthy ecosystem,’ says Anna. ‘As a predator at the top of the food chain, the tiger has an important role in maintaining a balance in nature.’

The print technique we used saves at least 30 litres of water for every duvet and pillowcase
Anna Edlundh, IKEA product developer

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