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Interiors know-how: happy home organising ideas

‘Often when we think about organising, we feel pressure to declutter or hide things out of sight,’ says IKEA interior designer Annette Ydholm. ‘But why not think outside “the box”? Organising what you love into feel-good displays can give you a happy boost.’

Coordinate your walls

‘Pegboards are a great way to keep the things you use every day in sight and within reach,’ says Annette. ‘They’re super customisable and you can use them anywhere. The possibilities are endless.’

Show off your stash

‘If you’re a collector, be proud and display what you’ve gathered over the years. Glass cabinets are a brilliant way to store big collections and keep them dust-free.’ In this home, layered fabrics behind glass add a happy burst of colour and pattern in a white space, plus make choosing a textile for a new project that much easier.

By organising in this way, we get something that looks good, makes us feel good, and brings functional benefits
Annette Ydholm

Find and have fun with storage possibilities

‘Think above and behind doors, above and below shelves. You might find an opportunity to make more of the storage or space you already have.’ With the addition of some cork board, this shelf doubles as a place to store everyday beauty essentials plus favourite accessories. Getting ready becomes that little bit more fun.

Flaunt your footwear

‘I love clothes and shoes and like to store them so that I can see and enjoy them every day. It makes choosing outfits easier and also means I’m less likely to hold onto items I don’t love or use – a quick cull is easy to do.’ Open rack shelving makes a functional, industrial-style storage statement for a fashion lover’s shoe hoard.

Mix open and closed storage

‘Try boxes and baskets to keep what you don’t want to see ordered and out of sight. You can even display and hide within the same piece of storage.’ Here, well-loved materials for macramé projects are organised within and above open shelves, while baskets keep less beautiful items out of view.

The things we love and use tell stories, trigger memories and inspire us. Seeing them every day creates a sense of belonging
Annette Ydholm

Mix your collections

‘How you group your things is entirely up to you, so focus on what you truly love. Mixing different kinds of things together creates a personal, homey atmosphere.’ Here, a set of shelves houses plants as well as books, transforming an alcove from a purely functional storage opportunity into a relaxing, botanical reading corner.

Repurpose your pots

‘You don’t always have to buy. Finding new ways to use things you already own can be fun as well as resourceful. I love to keep glass jars from cooking and use them around the home.’ Similarly, who says that plant pots have to be just for plants? These ones are perfect for incorporating into a quirky and organised desk display.

Hang your everyday treasures

‘A hook rack is a small item that can make a big difference. Try them in any room, with or without additional hangers and baskets. I love the idea of using them all around a bedroom to create a gallery of outfits, accessories and keepsakes.’ Want to change the look of your space? Simply swap what you choose to hook up on show.

There’s no need to overhaul your organisation. With a little time and thought, small ideas can have a big impact
Annette Ydholm

Find beauty in function

‘Everyday objects can be beautiful in themselves, so why not celebrate them? They look lovely when organised in view and make a room more practical.’ As well as being a handy small-space storage solution, this knife rack of inherited knives tells the story of the many loving meals they’ve been used to prepare.

Spark favourite activities

‘Before you start organising, ask yourself how you love to spend time at home. The answers should help you choose what to organise.’ For keen cooks, displaying your cookbooks cover-out on a picture ledge in the kitchen is an easy way to share your passion and inspire you to try new recipes as well as cook up old favourites.

Inspired to try feel-good organisation? Here are three of my top IKEA picks for showing and storing
Annette Ydholm

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