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Inspiring ideas for a tiny studio

How do you fit a cosy sleeping spot and somewhere to relax, cook and eat into 15 square metres? Swedish design duo JOPIA took on the challenge. The result? A smart, small yet airy studio with an industrial feel!

When you demand a lot of your space, multipurpose furniture does the trick. Kitchen cabinets with chalkboard doors are a handy place to write shopping lists. Want to listen to your favourite tunes? Grab the pouffe that’s hanging on the wall and wheel over the wire storage coffee table to make a DJ station.

“The kitchen table is foldable and doubles up as a place to work. The sofa has storage underneath and behind it, just right for books and magazines. And you can even take a nap on it.”

Johan Dalin & Pia Kriisin, JOPIA

JOPIA chose the mini-kitchen because it’s easy to install and budget-friendly. Plus you can take it with you when you move. The worktop, sink and mixer tap (included) take care of the essentials. They then added a portable induction hob and a fridge. There’s even space for recycling and for food storage on a trolley with wheels.

Want more tips on a smart kitchen solution? Check out this idea based on SUNNERSTA.

Need affordable and space saving furniture for your small kitchen? IKEA has the solution for you, such as SUNNERSTA small kitchen. The best bit? It’s super easy to put up and take with you when you change address.

“Style meets functionality in this solution. The impression is utilitarian with an industrial feel, with accents of steel and wood.”

Johan Dalin & Pia Kriisin, JOPIA

Want small space furniture ideas? IKEA has a wide range of small apartment furniture. Here we used the room’s height to free up floor space. Use a row of IVAR cabinets to store things you don’t need daily. Reach the cabinets with an easy-to-move ladder.

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Interior designer: Elin Stierna
Photographer: Andrea Papini
Writer: Anna Blom

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