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In my kitchen… by stylist Hans Blomquist

Interiors stylist Hans Blomquist thinks as much about the emotions and needs a space has to satisfy as its look. He’s put modern Scandinavian practicality at the heart of his Paris apartment’s traditional setting to create a beautiful, relaxed home.

Mix your storage

‘A run of wall cabinets would add lots of storage but we decided to keep the room’s sense of light by installing a mix of open and closed storage. Our long shelf is great for storing and displaying things.’

The feeling of light and space in the kitchen is great. It’s a room that doesn’t need too much of anything
Hans, stylist, Paris

Discover the smartness of drawers

‘For the base units we picked drawers rather than cupboards – drawers hold so much stuff and it’s easy to see what you have as soon as you pull them open.’

Make a room within a room

‘We put a drop-leaf table in the dead space behind our kitchen door. Now that little nook is a really nice place to eat, read or work on the laptop.’

Show off your treasures

‘Storage can tell a story as well as be practical. Our kitchen shelf is a great place to display collections and give the room personality.’

‘We don’t throw lots of parties, but we do cook a lot of dinners for friends…’

‘Having practical kitchen and dining areas that are also enjoyable to use is important. We have lots of mismatched antique and vintage IKEA chairs that we’ve collected over the years. The mix makes things less “perfect” somehow. It’s relaxed and inviting. For me it adds texture to the space. As a balance, we enjoy simple table settings – plates, cutlery and a wrinkled linen tablecloth are all that’s needed! I think the warmth of natural materials brings a dining table and a home to life.’

My partner’s taste is classic while mine is typically Scandinavian, but we both enjoy vintage items. The kitchen is a great example of both elements combined

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