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Your best balcony: ultimate relaxation

The balcony can make a fantastic spot to party, cook or garden. But sometimes don’t you just want to relax? Do nothing but kick your feet up and chill? Thought so. Here are our favourite ways to get cozy in your little outdoor oasis of calm.

This comfortable corner gives every room indoors a run for its money. Start by framing the space with some roomy chairs you can curl up in, a couple layered rugs, hanging lanterns, and beautiful plants and natural materials like rattan. For an extra intimate feeling, furnish at a low level with two stacked, woven stools that create a table (just make sure to bring them inside on rainy days) and work with a calm colour palette. Now just grab your book, a cup of coffee, and head outside!

Textiles have a way of warming up any space with hardly any effort at all. Cushions for your chairs and throws for breezy evenings are such simple ways to enhance your balcony’s chill factor. Try mixing up the textures and materials to create some depth. The layered rugs are a great way to define your space, and of course, add warmth and comfort.

Even when the sun sets, it’s still hard at work. A few solar powered lanterns will set the mood in the evening and allow you to keep enjoying your time on the balcony. For extra ambience add a few tea light candles.

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Writer: Vanessa Algotsson

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