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Ideas that make every meal special

Honour your cooking by framing it the way it deserves, and take the time to enjoy your meals with all your senses – Tuesday dinners want to be special, too! Get inspired by these simple yet beautiful table settings.

Down-to-earth and delicious

The bright, warm colours of favourite vegetables cooked al dente look even more delicious on a rustic ceramic plate. Sturdy cutlery, wood and linen in natural hues create just the right setting.

This plate loves radishes

A dark blue “everyday-plate” makes all primary colours pop and look crisp and summery. The classic table cloth in soft blue tones creates a homey, calm feeling.

No forks allowed

Sushi – homemade or takeaway doesn’t matter – needs a proper setting to taste right. With these affordable bowls, the oval plate and the beautiful placemat, staying home will feel like going out.

Dinner poetry

Geometrical shapes and powdery pastels make a delicate yet interesting background for colourful salads and desserts – a simple way of creating a festive feeling.

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