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How to safely store your summer clothes

The end of summer means that it’s time again to swap out our sandals and sunhats for scarfs and sweaters. But before you pull out your heaters, here’s how to store your summer clothes so that when the sun sparkles again everything’s easy to pull out and wear straight away.

The best way to start is by finding a good spot to store. Clothes like a steady dry room temperature, so if possible keep them inside the home rather than a basement or attic. Then give them a wash and a thorough dry before loosely folding them in breathable boxes (we like fabric ones). It can be helpful to divide them up so that pants, shirts and shoes are stored in separate containers so they’re easy to find too.

Delicate summer dresses are best protected by hanging them inside clothes bags or clean coats. To protect against wear and tear use wide wooden or fabric hangers and use tissue paper in between layers.

Give summer shoes and sandals a good clean, and store them separately and they’ll be in tip top shape for next year. We like this idea using elastic strung on a wall to safely store shoes when your shoe cupboards are full already.

Broad brimmed hats are best brushed before storing upside down in boxes. If you put tissue paper in the crown they’ll be sure to keep their shape. We thought it’d be fun to turn this pile of hat boxes into a super simple night stand set-up that helps save a bit of space too.

Suitcases make great storage space. They’re made for carrying clothes and often take up a bit of room themselves, so using them as storage makes them doubly useful. Add some acid-free tissue paper lining if your bags are a little older and use some lavender or cedar blocks to keep away any bugs.

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