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How to recycle your wardrobe

End of summer is an ideal time for wardrobe recycling. Decide what goes in a box until next year and what needs to be weeded out. And why not let old favourites find a new owner – who can give them the love they deserve?

Let your wardrobe focus on the present

A wardrobe with a roomy feel doesn’t necessarily require a lot of floor space. What’s more important is how you use it. Like boxing out-of-season garments, having a good system for laundry – and keeping an eye out for things you no longer need.

A tailored mix of hangers, shelves and boxes

With the passing of seasons, few things need to be available at all times. When you have little room for hangers, reserve them for what’s in season. Organise shelves and boxes based on accessibility. The sooner you need them, the easier to reach.

Sort out your everyday sorting

Whether it’s the after-summer kind or for laundry, clothes need sorting. Save some room in your wardrobe for a set of laundry bags. They work just as well for a once-a-year sorting session as for the everyday division of whites and colours.

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