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How to: level-up your hallway

It’s not where we spend a lot of time, but as the first and last view we have of our home each day, it’s worth giving the hallway a little bit of love. For hallways big and little, we have ideas of all sizes (at the lowest of prices) to get things straightened up in a snap. Bags, jackets, shoes, and vacuum cleaners: we’re coming for you!


So, you don’t have a lot of time. You don’t have a lot of money to spend. But you do have a fast-growing pile of “insert name of stuff” at the front door that requires immediate attention. Let’s solve that, shall we?

Even if they’re little, hooks can do a lot of heavy-lifting in the hallway – with charm and good-looks to match.

If an empty spot on the shoe rack is hard to come by, how about an organiser that gives two shoes a home for the space of one?

Sculptural form meets jacket-wrangling practicality: it’s hard to picture a hallway that wouldn’t be improved by this hat and coat stand.


Ready to jump up a level? You’ve got this! Requiring surprisingly little effort, these recipes will give your hallway big results: a lot of hard-working function, with some of that “honey, I’m home!” feeling thrown in, too.

See what things your hallway needs to hold, and let that define the storage. Take this surf-loving couple’s home for instance: a zip-up wardrobe holds their wetsuits, boards sit on a boot tray, and hooks and rails (not just for kitchens!) tidy up their hats and beach bags.

If you’re short on floorspace, use the walls to your advantage. These wall-mounted cabinets pack plenty of storage into almost no space at all, and give the hallway a lighter, floatier look.

Who says it all has to be serious storage? This shelf and noteboard look great when grouped with a light and mirror, as do the bills and shopping lists paired with personal items.

Shelves or hooks or boxes or cabinets? Why not all of them? Combined, they create a solid defence against day-to-day clutter, while touches of natural materials make it really feel like home.


Bigger storage solutions like these, configured to the exact size of your hallway, take a little more planning. But rest assured: the rewards of a neat, welcoming hallway will be more than worth it.

This home’s hallway solution takes heavy-duty storage and makes it family friendly. The gap between the two full-height cabinets happens to be just the right size for a cosy reading corner: regularly enjoyed by the two little sisters who live here.

This hallway’s grey cabinets match those of the kitchen, just through the door on the right. The result is a modern, unified look throughout the home. Cabinets above the doorway are also a smart use of space that doubles as an architectural touch.

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