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How to furnish a larger outdoor space

In a larger outdoor space, there are many possibilities. To help narrow your options, think about your favourite indoor spot. What makes it cosy and functional? Repeat as much as you can outdoors!

Set up the centrepiece

Choose and position your largest furniture first – like a modular sofa or dining table. This way you know it fits. Then work around it as a focal point.

Create activity zones

Arrange pieces into areas based on relaxing, dining, cooking, playing, etc. To give your outdoor space the room-within-a-room feel, use rugs, flooring, lighting, privacy screens and gazebos.

Make everyone feel at home

Give your family and your guests options. Think lots of seating, cushions and places to put their things. Remember children have their own needs too.

Keep things close

Spend less time running back indoors. Shelving units, storage benches, cabinets, boxes and hooks can conveniently hold serveware, cushions, toys and more.

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