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How to be the host with the most

Imagine this: the holidays are rapidly approaching and you’ve got a guest on the way. Who’s more stressed out, the visitor or the host? That’s a tough one. But here’s the good news: it’s super easy to make a visit run smoother than you ever thought possible. Whether you’re expecting one guest or several, just follow our interior designer Anna’s tips and enjoy their stay!

Just because your guest is sleeping on the living room sofa doesn’t mean they can’t have a little bit of privacy, right? Or proper storage space, for that matter. A clothes rack gives them a place to unpack and also serves as a room divider.

When you’re a guest in someone’s home, eating schedules collide and our crankiest selves come out to say hello (that’s putting it nicely). We suggest setting out a tray with some drinks and snacks you know your guest will love, that they can have whenever hunger strikes. Think crackers, fruit, nuts, candy, tea, coffee, etc. Hangry averted.

It’s inevitable. Your guest will forget something at home. So give them their own shelf or drawer complete with soap, lotion, an extra toothbrush, hygiene essentials and more. An extra hook (this one is temporary and fastened by a suction cup) gives them a place to hang their towel. And with fresh bath linens and extra toilet paper out in the open, they can just grab them when they need to.

Think about what makes a visit in someone else’s home special for you. Putting yourself in the guest’s place is really what makes a great host.
Anna Cardell, Interior Designer

Traveling can be hectic and a bit unsettling, so we love to create a nice little home a way from home. Pack a roomy basket with a few comforts that will make your guest’s stay a whole lot cosier. A sleeping mask, slippers, an extra blanket, a good book, a reading light, etc. Keep it near the sofa-bed so they can have a relaxing moment whenever the mood strikes.

One of the biggest pains about being a guest? The endless number of questions. How do I get to the subway? What’s your wifi password? How does the tv/washing machine/dishwasher work? My clothes are all wrinkled—where’s your iron? Get those logistics out of the way by putting the answers to every guest’s burning questions all in one place: we recommend placing a few clipboards in a common area, like the entrance.

You might think of including:
-Restaurant and coffee shop recommendations... Maybe even a gift card.
-A guide to recycling (every city handles it differently!)
-Laundry room instructions
-An extra key to your bike
-Your wifi code
-A menu plan for the week, with space for personal requests
-A few maps

A few things to think about

Know your audience
Who is your guest, really? Keep in mind any unique wants and needs they might have. Favourite foods? Stock up!

A place to park
If you’re planning for multiple visitors, make sure you actually have enough extra seating.

Be prepared
Always have clean towels and bed linens at the ready. You never know when last-minute guests will come calling!

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