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Home visit: plant styling ideas from an expert

From improving air quality, to boosting concentration and reducing stress, house plants can work wonders for mind and body. Find new ways to decorate with plants with these display ideas from greenery lover and plant stylist Miriam.

Create a natural screen Mix plant stands and hanging planters to create a wall of greenery. Use as an alternative to artwork to decorate a whole wall, or place in front of a window to blur the line between outdoors and in.

Fill surprising spaces Use potted plants to bring empty spaces to life with colour and texture. Miriam keeps a plant inside her KVISTBRO storage table, with colourful leaves that tie in with the rug underneath.

Reinvent your storage Try transforming everyday storage into a plant display unit. Miriam placed miniature cacti and succulents in the pockets of a hanging shoe organiser to create this hanging garden.

Create a contained display Look around your home for anything that could be used to hold plants. Placing a plant inside an unused candle holder or lantern is an easy way to transform a single pot plant into a display.

Miriam shares her house with more than 150 tropical plant varieties. ‘I live in my own small jungle; it’s how I connect with nature.’ Click below to take a tour of her home and find her top tips for keeping plants healthy.

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Interior stylist: Ashlyn Gibson
Photographer: Benjamin Edwards
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