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Home visit: my organised kitchen

Plan your kitchen to suit your personality and lifestyle. Creative director Jules goes on many of the home shoots we feature, so she had a wealth of ideas from homeowners to draw on when it came to planning her own kitchen…

Start by deciding which items need to be most accessible. ‘I often have friends over for tea or drinks, so I store my many mugs and glasses on open shelving,’ says Jules. ‘I light candles most evenings when I get home from work to help me relax, so those need to be within easy reach too.’

Storage doesn’t have to be all about function. ‘I’ve picked up some beautiful handmade plates on my travels, so why hide them away in cupboards? I store my favourites on a plate rack on the worktop, and change the display whenever I bring back something new.’

Use the space you have as effectively as possible. ‘I chose deep drawers to store my crockery – it’s easier to reach the plates at the very back. I use plate holders to keep everything organised. It means I can store more plates and bowls, and easily lift out a whole stack if I need to.’

A streamlined kitchen on the outside benefits from smart organisation on the inside. ‘In my pan drawer, I stack everything in groups and use a lid organiser so I don’t end up with a cascading tower of pans. Even having a well-organised cutlery drawer can make life at home a little easier every day.’

Even the most functional items deserve a considered storage solution. Jules dedicates one drawer to cleaning materials and divides it into sections using boxes and baskets, storing similar products together so she can just carry the box of supplies to wherever she needs to use them.

When Jules moved into her London apartment two years ago, she redesigned the whole place, planning her kitchen to run along the length of one wall in order to give the space a sense of openness, and mixing IKEA cabinets with open shelves and a concrete worktop. Tap below to see the rest of her home.

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