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Home visit: make-your-own kids’ party decorations

Use colourful, patterned fabric to set the theme for a children’s party. At her family home in Poland, Kasia shows us how easy it is to create a fun setting for a kids’ tea party, outside or indoors, using fabric with a cloud pattern.

Use patterned fabric to set the theme

Set a colourful table

Start by using an old sheet as a tablecloth for the children to decorate with doodles during the party, and choose brightly coloured plastic plates and cups. Once all the essentials are set up, Kasia adds her handmade fabric decorations – read on to find out how to make your own.

Sew simple decorations

To create her decorations, Kasia used DOFTRANKA fabric, which has a cloud design on it. Simply cut around the cloud shapes for the front and use them as templates to cut the back pieces from plain-coloured fabric. Stitch the two pieces together and stuff, before stitching closed. You could use this idea for any kind of fabric or pattern you like. Kasia hangs her clouds from trees, using invisible twine for a magical, floaty effect. When the party’s over, each child can take a cloud cushion home as a souvenir. ‘For me, decorating the table is just as important as having tasty food for a kids’ party – our sons and their friends are always excited to see what the next theme will be,’ says Kasia.

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Made by

Interior designer: Ashlyn Gibson
Photographer: Lina Ikse