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Home visit: living room, bed and guest room in one

You don’t need a dedicated guest room to be a great host. Get inspired by these tips to turn a living room into an inviting place to sleep when family and friends stay over.

Double duty, full comfort

Make switching your living room to a guest room easy and fuss-free by picking a sofabed with built-in storage to keep sleep accessories neatly out of the way, but still close to hand. In her open-plan loft apartment, Katarzyna added a GRÄLVIKEN sofabed. Designed with cushions that slide forward and a back that folds down, it transforms to give guests a full-sized double bed for the night.

Sleep comfort

Use bedding to add an extra level of comfort to your guest’s sleep. Consider the difference a duvet makes – one with lyocell, for example, improves comfort as it wicks away sweat. Pick a tog for average warmth and have extra throws ready for colder nights. And choose textiles made of materials that feel great to snuggle under, like cotton and linen.

Multitasking accessories

A side table with storage provides a place to stash away extra textiles which are used during the daytime, and doubles as a bedside table for guests.

A 24/7 room

When Katarzyna and Mikolaj converted their apartment they wanted to keep it open-plan with just one bedroom. The addition of a smart sofabed means that even with a very open floorplan, they can still host guests. “We designed the room to be multifunctional – it’s a place to hang out, eat dinner and, when my brother or friends from other cities stay, it’s also a guest room,” says Katarzyna.

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