Home visit: ideas for a garden studio

Love the idea of creating a garden studio for Instagram projects? If you’re lucky enough to have a shed or outbuilding you don’t use, a little reorganisation could create a workspace. See how blogger Hester did hers: ‘Now I have a workshop-studio-storage space.’

A workspace with plenty of storage

TURN AN OLD DOOR INTO A DESK By cutting it down and using IKEA legs for the base, Hester turned an old door into an extra-long, but narrow, desk that would give her enough space for small storage, as well as a clear worksurface. ‘I love finding solutions that involve repurposing,’ she says. ‘It’s creative and cost-effective.’

MULTIFUNCTIONAL WORKSPACE Hester’s new work area combines a surface where she can work on craft projects, hanging and floor-level storage baskets for materials she might need, and a brickwork backdrop for taking pictures of her creations to post on her blog and Instagram.

‘My head is quite busy so I like having an organised space – IKEA has helped me find nice solutions’

Hester, Kent

ORGANISE YOUR STORAGE To order her gardening, DIY and crafting tools, Hester chose a combination of cabinets, drawers and hooks. ‘The drawers are great for small things such as nails, glue and bits of hardware – they’re easier to search through than the boxes I had before. The bigger cabinets work for ugly containers that I don’t like to look at all the time, such as fillers or gardening things. I like to keep the paints out so I can see what colours I have, and the hooks are good for keeping essentials, such as paintbrushes, handy – and for hanging them to dry too.’

ADD INVITING DETAILS ‘For me, the chilli plant by the door works as a gauge,’ says Hester. ‘When the light hits it in a nice way, I know it might be a good time to go and take pictures in the studio.’

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Interior stylist: Ashlyn Gibson
Photographer: Christina Bull