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Home visit: how to make a sleepover gift box

Build the excitement the night before a celebration with a box full of all the essentials for a cosy sleepover. This new tradition has become a popular way to kick start the festivities and treat everyone to a special night in.

Special sleepover kit for kids

Start with a portable crate like FLISAT, then fill it with your child’s favourite things. Amélie chose a soft toy, night light, and story book for her son Noah, who loves curling up for a bedtime story. She added some KEX letter biscuits as a treat because Noah likes using them to spell out words.

Time-out treats for adults

For a grown-up take on the sleepover box, fill a crate with little gifts to help them unwind during the hectic festive season. ‘Reading a book under a blanket with a cup of tea is such a comforting moment,’ says Amélie. She packed a crate for her sister with everything she needs to capture that moment, and added a scented candle for
a little touch of luxury.

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