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Home visit: easy gingerbread baking for kids

Build your children’s confidence in the kitchen with this fun, festive baking idea that lets them take charge – and enjoy the taste of their labour!

Easy baking

Biscuits, houses, cute shapes to decorate a tree – gingerbread is a seasonal favourite and its versatility makes it great for getting kids involved. You could DIY, or get some easy cheats that let your kids take charge. Pre-rolled dough means no weighing or mixing. Little chefs just unwrap the packet and get to work rolling the dough flat before cutting out shapes!

Make your own cookies

Remind your little chefs to dust the work surface with flour so their dough doesn’t stick. When it’s rolled flat (remember the thicker the biscuits, the more baking time they’ll need) your kids can start cutting out cookies. Put a bit of flour on a plate so they can dip the cutter in it before each cut – it’ll make it easier to peel off each cookie shape.

When the kids have cut out their cookies, help them line a baking tray with parchment and place the cookies on the tray. Then bake and enjoy. Scroll down for all the kit you need to get kids baking.
Hannah’s three children enjoyed a morning baking. ‘Each Christmas, we make a gingerbread house with the kids – it doesn’t look good but they love to decorate it and smash it up!

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