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Home visit: an architect couple’s home office

When your home is also your office and showroom, it pays to organise your space in a way that suits you. Adam and Deborah’s open-plan live/work space mixes function and play.

Based in Berlin, architects Adam and Deborah have created an open-plan living room and office that helps them run their 24/7 business efficiently. Task lighting directs light over their work, and a combination of filing cabinets, desktop letter trays and open shelving ensures everything has its place. ‘I think the space feels bigger when it’s open like this, and with our desks side by side, we’re always popping our heads from one screen to the next, so work and conversations flow better,’ says Adam.

‘We enjoy having things on display. The height of the pink wall lent itself to doing something monumental, so we had fun playing around with the layout and colours of the EKET boxes’

‘Since our home is also our showroom, it’s an opportunity for clients to come and see our work and how we’ve created our own interior,’ say Adam and Deborah. ‘Having a space like this in Berlin is pretty unusual. We ignored the ‘traditional’ rules of space and didn’t want to be restricted by walls. It means our rooms are less defined and the effect is bigger.’

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Photographer: Dan Duchars
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