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Home visit: a guest room in a tiny tree house

How small is too small for a guest room? Inside this tiny 10-square- metre tree house, there’s just enough space for a bedroom and kitchenette – all the essentials for a cosy stay in the treetops. Come up and see inside…

THINK SMALL-SPACE STORAGE A tiny kitchenette needn’t be short on supplies. Free up worksurfaces by hanging a rail for utensils (high enough to create a sense of space, but still within reach) and adding a trolley on wheels. It takes up less space than a bulky cupboard and can be moved to wherever you need it.

SQUEEZE IN MULTI-PURPOSE SOLUTIONS The sleeping area in the tree house can also double as a lounge, by switching pillows for cushions. Keep lighting flexible by using clamp spotlights. They don’t take up any extra floor or surface space and can be directed where a little more brightness is needed – especially for bedtime reading.

TAKE SEATING OUTDOORS Space on the balcony that wraps around the tree house may be tight, but there’s still enough room to enjoy the view. Guests can take a small, lightweight chair on to the deck during the daytime to create an outdoor seating spot.

AT NATURE’S DOOR Yoga teacher Margaret’s husband built their tree house 25 years ago, but it wasn’t until they discovered a pile of old IKEA catalogues in their village shop that they decided to renovate it. ‘The tree house is now a place for guests to relax and recharge,’ says Margaret. ‘Being up in the forest canopy is amazing, and adding a few lanterns outdoors to light a path makes it feel a little more magical.’

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Photographer: Alicia Taylor

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