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Home visit: 3 wellbeing rituals to start your day

Begin your day in a calm and positive frame of mind with these simple self-care ideas. ‘Everyday rituals like yoga and baking help me to feel much more grounded and centred,’ says Eva.

Clear your mind

‘Meditating is about being in the moment, trying not to think about anything ,’ says Eva. ‘Let go of your thoughts, allow them to fly away and leave your mind clear.’ Create a calm, therapeutic space to practise in and ease yourself into a new day with candles and scented herbs like lavender and sage.

Take comfort in food

Find rituals that soothe you and practise them when you can. ‘When I started baking, every cake failed but I kept trying,’ says Eva. ‘Baking is not just about the finished product, it’s a warm, safe feeling I try to create. The process of getting better at something can be therapeutic in itself. I enjoy keeping everything in the right order, mixing ingredients according to a recipe, and seeing them become a cake or bread.’

Slow down

Transform your rushed cup of tea into a more nourishing morning ritual. Set up everything you need and allow the tea leaves time to brew. Use the moment to pause, sit and unwind.

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