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Home tour: living room ideas for a communal space

Live in a shared building? Make getting together with your neighbours easier by bringing life to unloved communal spaces. Hannah Matthews, who lives in a co-living collective, shows us how…

Pool your furniture There’s no need to invest in special pieces of furniture for communal use. Everyone can contribute what they can, like chairs, tables and even lighting. Hannah often brings the sofa from her apartment into the shared courtyard. The result? Instant comfy seating and the beginnings of a pop-up living room.

Add sparkle and personality To turn a makeshift gathering space into something truly special, add atmospheric lighting and details that catch the eye and invite you to linger. Think greenery, cut glass and objects that spark conversation.

Soften with creature comforts Cosiness is crucial. A rug will help define your social area as well as warm up bare floors, while cushions and throws bring a homey feel and added comfort to a bare space.

It’s nice to get together in the courtyard. It’s also an opportunity to be creative – we use pallets to make tables or wall mounts for our art
Hannah Matthews

Share your space Artist and ethical taxidermist Hannah co-lives with six other people in an old warehouse. Rather than leaving the vast communal courtyard sitting empty, the residents all make use of it. ‘It’s somewhere to get-together amongst ourselves and I also have my studio in one corner,’ says Hannah. ‘Recently, we even opened it up to the public as an exhibition space for our works. I love that co-living encourages a sense of community.’

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