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Home tour: ideas from a spring bedroom update

Give your bedroom a fresh feel for the new season with botanical textiles, spring colours, natural materials and plants. From window dressings to bedside displays, here’s how Melia does it.

Create a window-side retreat

Melia created a feel-good relaxation area, with a daybed made from natural materials and curtains made from spring-inspired prints to bring the outdoors in and frame her view. ‘On weekends, I love to sit here, enjoying the light with a magazine and a cup of coffee,’ she says.

Soften furniture by bringing surfaces to life

By adding a plywood top to her chest of drawers and decorating it with plants, cuttings and favourite accessories, Melia turned her clothes storage into a beautiful feature to enjoy. ‘It’s an easy way to add colour and interest to the room without using the walls,’ she says. ‘The space now feels less cold and more personal.’ Safety tip – don’t forget to fix chests of drawers to the wall.

Clear clutter and create displays

Use hooks to hang favourite accessories in view – that way they’re easier to find and getting ready is more fun. Melia’s over-the-door hanger is a great no-drill solution. ‘I recently made the flower wreath with friends,’ she says. ‘I might not get many chances to wear it, but just looking at it makes me smile and puts me in a spring mood.’

Create your own headboard

With a piece of plywood, Melia made a simple headboard that works as a great backdrop for textiles – easy to update with the seasons or when she fancies a change. ‘I just draped the fabric over it, so it was really easy,’ she says. ‘I love the botanical print, mornings feel more energised now.’

Brighten and break up empty wallspace with mirrors

Maximise available light and create a sense of space with well-positioned mirrors. Melia chose a large, round design with a wooden frame to bring impact and add natural colour and texture. ‘It looks lovely and enhances the natural light in the room,’ she says.

Give your bedside a green boost

Adding a few freshly cut leaves or blooms to your bedside table or shelf is a simple and affordable way to bring nature into your bedroom. ‘I’ve always loved picking plants and flowers when I go out for walks – it’s nice to use them in small displays,’ says Melia.

I like making small changes for spring, ones you can introduce gradually or when you have time. They’re uplifting without needing a lot of effort
Melia, social-media specialist, UK

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