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Solo zones: creating private bedrooms in a loft apartment

When living and sharing an open plan loft apartment, making space for some much-needed alone time can be tricky. Never to turn down a challenge, this family of four have achieved the seemingly impossible by making space for each member of their household to enjoy time on their own, all thanks to the clever use of zones.

The art of open plan living

An open plan apartment can be the ideal launching pad for a family. According to interior designer Annette Ydholm it all comes down to multi-functional zones, smart storage, and creating much-needed privacy.

Design a studio apartment for a family
"While it’s important that everyone has their own space, it’s just as important that they have personal space for all their things."
Annette Ydholm
"A loft bed makes the most of the space, effectively using the same footprint twice with a sleep zone above and a private lounge below. Double win!"
Annette Ydholm

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