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Reuse, repair, recycle, reimagine: living more sustainably with IKEA

At IKEA, we’re on an exciting journey to become a circular business by 2030, making healthy and more sustainable living accessible and more affordable to people around the world. We’re reimagining how we do things, from how and where our materials are sourced, to how our products are designed, transported, sold and – eventually – recycled. Like anything worthwhile, it’s a process filled with new challenges and adventures, but we’re well on our way to helping create a better everyday life for people and the planet.

Today’s offcuts are tomorrow’s rugs

The TÅNUM rug is handmade using offcuts from IKEA cotton textile production, which would otherwise have been discarded. Aside from repurposing waste, it also means that no two rugs are exactly alike!

Pro tip: opt for second-hand where you can

Never forget that the most sustainable furniture is the furniture that already exists, so buying returned or pre-loved pieces isn’t just more wallet friendly – it’s better for the planet too!

A new home for your older pieces

Need a bigger dining table? Selling your old one back to IKEA gives it a second life and you some extra money to put towards your next purchase.

Why not give your shopping bag a new lease on life?

From shopping bag, to laundry bin, to improvised planter. It seems there isn’t anything the humble FRAKTA bag can’t do!

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