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His and hers wardrobe tips

Do you share a wardrobe wall with the one you love? Whatever your pair of pronouns, you can organise based on individual needs and routines. Get your clothing situation sorted with our tips.

Give long clothes more space and room to fully hang. Use velvety hangers for silks and fine fabrics, so they won’t slip or wrinkle. Store sunglasses, bangles and belts in a divider, so they’re easy to see and don’t slide around. Help bags stay in shape by setting them upright. Next to the wardrobe, use hook racks to plan outfits in advance.

Tip: Sort your drawers according to your steps for getting dressed.

Embrace the fold-friendliness of T-shirts and sweaters. Stack them on shelves. Keep trousers down low on a pull-out hanger, so they’re easy to pair with a shirt above. A shallow pull-out tray and divider neatly organise accessories. Put swivel hooks nearby to air out gym clothes or pieces that can be worn again without washing.

Tip: Turn hangers around to see (and clean out) what you don’t wear.

Plan space between the wardrobes for a calm divide and less elbow-bumping. With some stick-on mirrors, it can be a getting ready spot. Wall shelves and brackets work as a custom vanity that holds boxes for make-up, jewellery and more. A stool can fit underneath, and lighting helps show black from blue for just-right final touches.

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