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Great gift ideas for summer celebrations

When you ring that doorbell, greeting your host with a gift adds to the party mood. Here are some tips for presents that promise to last long – either as they are, or as something to remember.

A sweet welcome

Bringing a homemade cake will hit the spot at any party. To preserve the thought beyond consumption, include a cake stand. Even better, it now has its own eye-catching pedestal until it’s time to dig in.

A flower arrangement to keep

A guest with a beautiful bouquet is always welcome. Take it a step further – and save hassle for your host – by bringing the vase as well. To make it a long-term gift, why not use flowers that won’t fade?

Arrive with tasteful gifts – served

Kitchen accessories come ready with a theme. A chopping board makes a nice gift, but works even better as a complete cheese platter. Voila, you have a gift to enjoy from the first moment.

A connecting theme makes a gift all the more memorable. Like making the wrapping part of the present. Another way can be to combine short and long effects, for instance giving flowers already arranged in a vase.
Christina Breeze, IKEA interior designer

Wrapping transparency

A glass jar (or other reusable container) can be not just part of the gift, but also its wrapping. Functional from start to end, whether it’s for stylish storage or as food container. (Or, if needed – regifting.)

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