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Get your hallway storage in shape for summer

We love the great outdoors, well, except when too much of the outdoors finds its way on inside. Soil, sand and water can all be experts at filling the home. Here’s a couple of ways to keep them out right at the entrance.

Even the biggest beach lovers draw the line when it comes to the sandy stuff filling the home. One way to fix that for good is with a changing spot right by the door. A spot to sit, big boxes underneath for sandy gear and hooks for beach stuff will do the trick. You could add a sand bin too so you can return it to the beach next sunny day.

Even if you live in the city there’s no reason for letting the call of the wild go unheeded. The key to this hallway is to use racks for hanging jackets, bags and hats, doormats for dirty boots and a display cabinet for outdoor items and organising boxes. We thought it’d be nice to try out a fishing rod rack with this GRUNDTAL container to catch any leftover water.

Whether it’s football, rugby or rollerskating, sports bring a lion’s share of dirty equipment back in to the house. Our solution is to make a clutter busting wall organiser. We tried out big wire baskets for balls, shoe racks and hanging space for jerseys and individual boxes for each family member. See those racquets up on the wall? They’re held in place with GRUNDTAL toilet roll holders.

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Interior designer: Amanda Rodriguez
Copywriter: James Rynd
Photographer: Sandra Werud

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