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For coffee lovers: tips to make the perfect cup

How do you take your coffee? A straight-up espresso, drip brewed, or frothy with a sprinkle of cinnamon? Coffee lovers like their coffee to be right so with PÅTÅR, the new IKEA 100% organic coffee range now in store, we asked ex-barista Shalony to share her brewing tips.

Enjoy the daily grind
‘The secret to making good coffee is the temperature of the milk,’ says ex-barista Shalony. ‘Buying good quality coffee also makes a difference. When I worked in a coffee shop in Gothenburg, we used to check the weather forecast because coffee beans react to humidity in the air so we would have to adjust how we ground the beans to make the coffee right.’

I feel happy when I have a coffee. It’s how I start each day – 6:30am I get my mug, make a coffee and enjoy
Shalony, maker, teacher and ex-barista, Sweden
Grind your beans to match the coffee you’re making – fine for espresso so the water doesn’t drip too fast, coarser if you’re brewing your coffee in a cafetière

Store it right Whether you buy ground coffee or beans to grind at home, avoid storing them in clear containers. Instead, keep them in an airtight opaque jar to protect them from sunlight, which can affect the flavour.

The right temperature Water that’s left to cool for a while after boiling is perfect for brewing coffee (experts say 91˚C - 96˚C). Avoid pouring freshly boiled water on your coffee, it will burn the beans.

Let your coffee ‘bloom’ When brewing coffee in a cafetière, don’t fill the jar with hot water immediately. Instead, pour in enough to wet the grounds and let them stand for a bit. This allows the coffee to ‘bloom’, which is good for flavour.

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