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Focusing on work is child’s play – see how

Research shows that a bit of movement – around and even during focused work – can help children concentrate. Here are three playful, effective ways to increase their brain power by being active!

Swing seamlessly between focus and play

A quick break every twenty minutes or so does wonders for a child’s ability to concentrate. Set up a play area next to the desk to make the transition between the two effortless and natural. Pause, play, then back for a new book attack.

Let the pants ants roam free

Kids wriggling about on their chairs when they ought to work may frustrate you a tiny bit. But sit down for this one – it’s good! A study shows that moving WHILE focusing actually improves learning. Next time, simply let them swivel to attention.

The small shapes of big thoughts

Taking notes to assist memory is seen as a universally good thing, with good reason. Perhaps less known is that doodling, fiddling with beads and similar tactile activities can stimulate learning just as well. Grab your pencils, go create.

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