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FLOTTEBO: a flexible sofabed for modern living

Meet the new FLOTTEBO sofabed, a stylish and adaptable answer to the needs of the modern living room.

Customise comfort Today’s living room is a more flexible space than ever, so it needs furniture that can be fluid too. With loose back-cushions, the FLOTTEBO sofabed can be customised to suit how you like to sit, and easily changed whenever you switch activity.

Secret storage A traditional pocket-sprung mattress/seat has been adapted for FLOTTEBO to add built-in storage for bedding underneath, taking advantage of this valuable hidden space. The loose back-cushions grip the sofa, so you can lift the mattress up to access the storage space without them falling off.

Fresh thinking ‘Traditional sofabeds look one way in the day and different when they’re transformed for sleeping, but we wanted FLOTTEBO to keep the same appearance,’ say designers Christina Halskov and Hanne Dalsgaard. ‘Our aim was to create a platform for all kinds of activities that would work in many different homes.’

Customise and reconfigure The back-cushions are key to making the sofabed flexible and adaptable, but it was important to the designers that they didn’t slide around when leant on. ‘To create an anti-slip material, we looked at things like bath mats and motorcycle gloves,’ says engineer Zubair Mahmood. FLOTTEBO is available in-store and online now.

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