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Find bathroom space you never thought you had

Bathrooms can seem like one of those spaces that always seem small. But how do you make the most of a really small bathroom? We met up with interior designer Mia to find out how to design a tiny bathroom with big organisation.

1. Use all your height. When your space is at a premium, Mia’s advice is to really use your room’s height all the way to the ceiling. A step stool makes sure everything is still in reach.

2. Mind the gap. We thought this was clever, Mia pointed out that the negative space between cabinets can be super useful. She designed this bathroom with a spot for a laundry basket and a shoulder high shelf for high use items.

3. Organise your organisers. When your bathroom is tiny clutter becomes an even bigger culprit. Organisers for small things in drawers are an easy way to keep everything in check.

4. Odd spaces are storage opportunities. When you don’t have room for wall cabinets, Mia’s tip is to use your walls and tight spots to your advantage, like this towel rack that fits on the corner and behind the door. Hooks and hangers are also great for bathroom textiles and can be fixed almost everywhere.

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Interior designer: Martina Andersson
Photographer: Monika Lundholm

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