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Everyone deserves a break, even dinosaurs

If you’ve ever met an unhinged dinosaur, you know they can be a right nightmare. So, help your kids create the perfect nesting place for all their prehistoric animals. That way you don’t only make sure no stuffed animals will roam the house, together you and your child have a chance to create the perfect place for cuddles and bedtime stories – with room for humans, dinosaurs and all other play-friendly species.

Snuggle up to a Stegosaurus

Good sleep is just as vital for children as it is for adults – if not more. An inviting bed, made with dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes, makes it a bit easier for young, aspiring palaeontologists to get into bed. Why not go through the favourites as a way to wind down before it’s time to sleep?

Don’t forget that kids, as well as dinosaurs, can be a bit scared of the dark, making a soft night light the perfect solution. A KORNSNÖ night light is a reliable friend that gives just the right amount of light to see where you’re going.

JÄTTELIK quilt cover and pillowcase are made in soft sustainably grown cotton. Also, the dinosaurs are printed using a technique that requires less water than conventional methods. Good for your child and our climate.

Make going to bed an adventure

JÄTTELIK is a new collection that has everything needed to transform a children’s room into an exciting, prehistoric world. So, cuddle up under soft cotton bedding where the printed dinosaurs roam, or use the bed tent to build a cosy den – or both.

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