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Easy projects for a “staying-put” weekend

The calendar forecast this Sunday: clear with a chance of afternoon naps! For those weekends when you have a little time to spare – and a lot of drawers to tidy – these home-improving, boredom-banishing, ideas are ready when you are.

Get crafty

Give your curtains some extra length, or a whole new look, with colour-block fabric and iron-on hemming tape.

Fun to make and wallet-friendly, these DIY wall panels are nothing more than metre fabric stapled to a wooden frame.

A home that feels yours, is a home you’ll always love. A quick lick of paint (or a sheet of wallpaper) is a fast way to make your wooden furniture more personal.

(Finally) get things up on the walls

Set up your own personal coffee/tea station! Everything you need for your early morning caffeine fix, all on one easy-to-reach rail.

Beautiful dinnerware needn’t be banished to the cabinets in between meals. Using a picture ledge and curtain wire, you can create your very own display rack in no time at all.

Baby’s first steps. Graduation. That one rare photo where nobody’s blinking. Why not take this time to finally frame and display those favourite family memories?

Calling all book worms! You might not have space for another big bookcase, but one of these book stacks can be added almost anywhere.

Hooks (and more hooks), shoe racks and baskets: three small items you can add to your hallway to make AM and PM rush hour a little less stressful.

Get cooking

Can you think of a home that wouldn’t be improved by the scent of freshly-baked goods? Neither can we.

Homemade pickles, jams and preserves are handy to have in the pantry, look great on display, and make even better gifts.

Get organised

Get your waste sorting sorted. These convenient bins come in all kinds of different sizes, to suit all kinds of different spaces: a great reason to start recycling, if you aren’t already.

After weeks (or months) of daily play, these dinosaurs are most deserving of a spa day. No kids? Swap for sneakers, make-up brushes, or anything else in desperate need of a deep clean.

A rogue-sock reunion is long overdue. Tackle your bedroom’s sock/underwear/you-name-it drawer, with these smart folding methods and even smarter organiser boxes.

The junk drawer: every home has one, right? Now’s the time to de-junkify it with divider trays and organisers – so you’ll know exactly where everything is (without needing to dig for it).

Take it easy

One of the best things to do on a weekend: nothing at all! Not every weekend needs to be productive – being kind to yourself and getting enough rest for the week ahead is just as important. Now, how about that afternoon nap?

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