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Easy indoor gardening, part 4: Eat your greens

Our indoor gardening journey began with some seedlings and it ends, of course, with a delicious feast. We invited food stylist Måns Jensen to prepare us a fabulous meal using our harvested greens. See how our plants got started in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

There’s nothing more rewarding or satisfying than sitting down to a meal that you’ve not only made yourself, but grown, as well. When we planted our seeds, we couldn’t have imagined the difference in flavour from the supermarket; so much spicier, fresher, cleaner!

We grew lots of endive, rocket, chicory, white cabbage, basil, coriander, and more, and made sure to snip them carefully, ensuring plenty of salads in the future (indoor gardens are gifts that keep on giving).

Want to make this tasty meal at home? Click on our recipes below.

Green wok with asparagus and soy-chili sauce
Tasty salad with goat’s cheese, strawberries and pine nuts

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Made by

Food stylist: Måns Jensen
Interior designer: Emma Parkinson
Photographer: Sandra Werud
Writer: Vanessa Algotsson

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