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Easy DIY: personalise with paint

Customise new furniture or give a vintage find a fresh look with painted updates. Interiors blogger Annemarie loves getting creative with a paintbrush. Her latest project was giving a wooden chest of drawers a quick colour-block makeover. ‘I chose three colours that came to my mind that day and used an extra-matt paint that I love,’ she says. ‘In less than an hour I created something unique.’

Have fun with colour

‘When it comes to deciding what colour to paint something, I like to experiment,’ says Annemarie. ‘This cabinet was originally white. I painted it a mint-green colour four years ago – that was when my love for pastel shades began. I’ve had the IKEA children’s chair for a few years but decided to paint it a brighter colour. I love the new yellow look – it’s a happy shade for the dining area and lifts the less vibrant pieces of furniture in the room.’

Painting furniture and accessories is one of the easiest ways to bring colour into your home. I love combining pastel shades with brights
Annemarie, interiors blogger, the Netherlands

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Styling: Abigail Edwards
Photography: Martin Löf

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