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Designer tips: adding the final touches

One part that’s easy to forget (but you shouldn’t) when decorating your home is adding the things that have just one job – to make you happy. We can offer functional beauty in the form of boxes, lamps, vases, baskets and more. But the personal objects that truly make your home more you are probably already in your cupboards and drawers.

Ideas for a visual clean-up

Even though this is a busy wall, it still gives a calm impression thanks to the symmetrical layout and the light, neutral colour scheme. A curtain hides the TV when it’s not in use, and lots of white boxes keep things in order and hide messy objects while being almost invisible against the wall.

Decorate like a pro

A few tips to help make creating a balanced composition easier:

  1. Pick a colour scheme.
  2. Mix materials as well as rounded and linear shapes.
  3. Create a heavy base.
  4. Work with different heights to achieve a triangular shape.
  5. Add a source of light – your composition will look different on different times of the day. Have fun!
The most important thing is to follow your heart, because only you know what makes you happy.

Art wall basics

If you want a coordinated look for your art wall, choose a colour scheme that works with the rest of the room. Spread the more prominent visuals in a balanced way and add the smaller ones in between, keeping the same amount of space between all frames. Three-dimensional objects and mirrors add life to your art wall.

Store beautifully

A picture ledge is great for frames but also for enjoying book covers or dinnerware – or simply for storing beautiful everyday items that are hard to fit into cupboards. This shelf lets you rearrange your view as often as you like without measuring or making holes in the wall (other than the ones for the shelf itself).

Comfy homemakers

A rattan chair or two. Baskets in natural materials. Together with lamps, cushions, plants, and throws, they are superstars when it comes to turning a house into a home. Practical beauties that make your rooms cosy and comfortable while being super-affordable.

Get creative with plants

If you love plants, here’s a recipe for a simple yet beautiful composition: play with shelves at various heights and pick plants with differently sized and shaped leaves while sticking to a simple colour theme when choosing pots.

How to create balance

Too messy? Make a selection of the things on display and favour linear objects with flat, smooth surfaces. Too cold and slightly boring? Add rounded, curvy or irregular objects. Work with different heights and organic details for a warmer feeling.

An exhibition based on you

Glass domes in different sizes are perfect for displaying objects that are special to you. The glass protects them while framing them in a beautiful, almost museum-like way. Change the items inside as often as you like.

Set your treasures free

Don’t hide things that make you happy! Take a tour around your home and collect all the items that you really like from drawers and cupboards – glass bottles, memorabilia, vases, stones or whatever it might be – and put them in places where you can enjoy them every day.

Inspire yourself

Choosing storage containers that suit your style can make your work area more inspiring, too. Give up some space to fit in more beauty – feel-good objects can give you a boost when working from home.

Using furniture as a canvas

This set of minimalistic, square-shaped shelves is a combination of open storage for the things that you want to see, and closed storage for the rest – a perfect canvas for expressing your style. The plant, the curvy vases and the rounded boxes add warmth and spontaneity, creating a balanced and interesting look.

Everchanging art

It can be fun and effective to put up open boxes you create yourself. Ideas for themes might be the seasons, your favourite vases or colours, or maybe summer memories – you decide.

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