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Dark walls (and why we love them)

Confession: we talk a lot about daring to experiment with colours at home, but tend to leave out the darker end of the spectrum. It’s time to fix that. We visited our interior designer, Geneviève, at home. Her bedroom is a perfect example of how incredibly cool a dark wall can be.

Cosy Up

A close-up of a bedroom with a dark wall, including a clothing rack, bed and bedside table.

It’s all in the contrast

Dark walls have a way of bringing out the best in whatever you place in front of them. Natural materials and colours come across warmer than ever (it’s all about that cosy feeling, remember?), while artwork really pops when it’s displayed against a moody background.

Light and dark

All of your walls don’t need to be painted dark. In fact, Geneviève’s bedroom has two dark and two light. And it’s no coincidence that she painted the windowed wall darker. This allows the natural sunlight to shine onto and reflect off of the white walls, brightening the room.

Don’t be afraid of painting your walls dark! I’ve found that adding textiles in similar tones really softens things up.
Geneviève Jorn, Interior Designer

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