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A vibrant, colourful home decor embracing life and seasonal changes

For me, a colourful life means a brighter and happier life. I am especially fond of patterns inspired by nature, like flowers and trees. My home and wardrobe are filled with a range of colours and patterns.

I love an eclectic mix where designs from different ages meet and where colourful textiles can go together with floral home decor. My love for this vibrant blend of modern and traditional styles is deeply influenced by the diversity of Tokyo, where I live.

A curation that embraces life in an eclectic mix of colours and patterns inspired by nature.

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I have been expressing myself through fashion since childhood. My outfits have patterns layered with colours. My hair can be pink, orange, purple, silver, gold, green, or blue. I believe in embracing seasonality, changing my hair colour to match the season and living in the present.
Jamie Shingo UjinoCo-curator

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