Creative small-space living

If you’ve got a passion, give yourself room to express it at home. Style and PR consultant Dria shows us how she keeps her wardrobe tidy, and all her accessories organised, in her one-room New York apartment. ‘I love fashion, so it’s important to me that I can always find just the right jacket or necklace to wear,’ she says.

Get storage ideas from Dria’s one-room home.

1. GIVE CONVENTIONAL STORAGE THE BOOT Running out of space for your ever-expanding shoe collection? Adapt storage solutions to suit your living style, however unconventional they may seem! ‘I don’t cook much, so one of my kitchen cabinets is filled with shoes!’ says Dria. ‘I only needed one of the three cabinets for glassware, dishes and food, so I thought, “why not?”’

2. STORAGE WITHIN STORAGE The secret to keeping storage spaces in order is customisation. Add small trays or baskets inside drawers or cupboards to keep smaller items tidy. Neat storage also helps protect Dria’s collection of sunglasses from getting scratched.

3. BRUSH UP ON YOUR ORGANISATION Give your vanity area an overhaul to save time on your morning make-up routine. Drinking glasses are a chic way to display and store your cosmetics brushes, while keeping them neat and tidy. Larger vases come in handy for holding lotions and perfumes.

4. BE OPEN TO IDEAS Not everything has to be hidden. If, like Dria, you love fashion, turn your clothing collection into a feature. Add smart accessories that make it quicker and easier to get dressed, like shelves and boxes to store out-of-season clothes, and some directional lighting. The finishing touch is a mirror that doubles as a hidden clothes hanger!

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Interior designer: Emily Rickard
Photographer: Nicole Franzen